Witchy and Extra Bitchy ✨⠀

But why Witchy and Why Bitchy 🤷🏾‍♀️


Witchy because here at Thottie™ we think a lot of people are sleeping on themselves and their power. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to remind you as much as possible throughout #THOTUMN that you are indeed a Very Powerful Witch and whatever you want you want already exists and is well within reach. Of course, you’re gonna have to put in some werk and manifest that sh✨ but seriously take full advantage of all the goodness because you’re a living, breathing, a✨shaking gold mine 🔮⚡️😌⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀



Extra. . .  Because why not #duh⠀


Bitchy because a little sass never hurts 🥂 Speak up, take up space and tell em how you really feel. There are so many moments when truthfulness is interpreted as negative, bitchy, or combative 🙄 eye roll for days 👏🏾 communication is a major key 🔐 to pretty much everything in life so get on some Drake sh✨, show up as your full self, and don’t police your feelings or voice 🚔 ⚡️💯🥂



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