Why Sticky Bras are Life Changing

Here at Thottie™ we realized no one was showing true praise to the Sticky Bra. That’s why we created a short list of our favorite sticky bras. Each bra has its own unique personality, coverage, and style that will ultimately determine how hard you go on any given day or night while wearing this key undergarment. 

1. The O.G. 


Every true Thottie™ considers this bra a true O.G. because it gets the job done. We love it because it’s a huge supporter of the Small Titties Matter movement and has a realistic boobie feel that everyone loves. It’s perfect for a hot backless number or fits nicely under an existing bra for extra volume. We recommend avoiding body oils, lotions ect before adhering this bra to your body. The more sticky, the better! Also if you plan on letting someone rip off your clothes after the club, remove the bra by yourself first to avoid any injuries #ouch #we’vebeenthere #boobiesonpoint


2. The Crowd Pleaser 

Honestly who hasn't seen a video of boobies on instagram 100% dedicated to advertising this game changer. There are even small non adhesive areas to protect your nipples from being ripped off by adhesive. A M A Z I N G. Literally the best invention of 2018. Stick this bra on when you need your boobs to get close and personal with each other. We recommend powdering between your boobs in the warmer months because things can get hot fast. There truly is no more to say about this one - give it a try.


3. The Martini of Sticky Bras

Because it gets the job done, quick and dirty. Plus who doesn't love a low plunge line! The adhesive side panels paired with structured cups make this bra perfect for all seasons. Put it on and transform into a gravity defying burlesque dancer because your boobies aren’t going to miss a beat.



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