Doja Cat’s new album Hot Pink was released earlier this month and she is showing us the true meaning of “You’re Still Going to Be Criticized so You Might As Well Do Whatever the F**** You Want”
She uses her creativity to her advantage and allows her lyrics to be anything from silly and playful like the viral hit “Moo!” or as witty as “Rules” on her new album. 
Here are a few facts about the singer, rapper, producer and style icon:
 We know her professionally as Doja Cat but the artist was born Amala Zandile Dlamini. Her father was a composer and her mother was an artist. Amala was also the name of Doja’s first album, which was released in 2018.


 “Doja” is a synonym for marijuana but she chose the name because it “sounded feminine and cute”. She has a love for all things fluffy & fierce and describes her style as adopting a feline aesthetic, so naturally, Doja Cat was born.


 She has been creating music since she was 16. Her first upload to Soundcloud was in 2013. 


 Her favorite place to make music? In Bed. She told Paper magazine in a previous  interview that she “starts about 2 pm and it takes about six hours to finish.”


Here’s a quote directly from the artist of how she describes the overall message of her music:
 “As a whole, my music represents joy and freedom. My message is of triumph and pain and ` embracing yourself as a creature and creating the best journey for you, not just other people. All I've ever dreamt of evoking was confidence and self-realization with my music. I want you to move to it whether you're in your room with a hairbrush microphone, at the club with your friends or in the car on your way to work. I want to evoke movement and rich, positive, emotions.”

 - Doja Cat

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