When we said 2020 was going to be our year - Pandemic wasn’t exactly what we had in mind. For the past few weeks the world as we know it has significantly changed. At first, the Coronavirus was speculated to be mass hysteria but the vast spread has made its presence very real.  Some countries and states have chosen to implement closings of public spaces such as restaurants, bars, schools, libraries, concert venues and events with large crowds to slow the spread.  Social distance restrictions have impacted thousands who have had to cancel paid gigs, trips, weddings, graduations and vacations. Besides losing these social gatherings many are being affected financially due to not being able to work from home or relying on other industries that are currently on lockdown as well.

Despite this, gathered efforts have created a new virtual community. People are coming together all over the world with community crowdfunds, food-drop offs, google doc resource lists and endless online support. Artists, DJs, fitness instructors, and content creators have begun using online platforms such as IGTV, Zoom, Twitch and Facebook Live for their followers to utilize. Online sex work is also on the rise as many are using this time to capitalize on the digital market using adult platforms to bring their personal brands online. This can provide financial support for sex workers such as exotic dancers, dominatrixes and burlesque performers who aren’t provided with paid-time-off or “vacation” time. This is the time to explore creators and find new favorites while supporting those in need. If your community has resources feel free to share them on social media or contribute if you can. 

With most of the country on lockdown, some might say “this is the time to do the things you usually tell yourself you don’t have time for”. But remember you don’t have to,  you can simply use this time to ride the wave of the Pandemic and do whatever the f*** you want. 

If you begin to feel lonely due to social distancing remember that social distance doesn’t have to equal complete social isolation. It can feel tempting to hook-up with someone new or your toxic ex when it seems like the world is ending, but don't let #DaRona influence you to make bad choices. Leave the fuckbois (a gender-neutral term btw) in their homes, this is not the time to meetup. Instead, keep the heat digital. Explore the world of Dm's, order dinner or a bottle of wine via delivery, flirt internationally, boost your sexting skills, exchange consensual nudes, Facetime/phone sex if you're feeling adventurous. Being at home doesn't mean you have to miss out on quality Bae time and if done correctly is 100% pregnancy AND std risk-free!

If you’re wanting to spend Quarantine & Chill time solo, this is the time to zone in on what gives you pleasure. You can order a new sex toy, try-on lingerie and cook yourself a meal wearing it, dance in your underwear or make Tik Toks in your shortest shorts. Relax, rest and realize you’re not missing out because no one else can leave the house either.  Use this time to connect with the activities you enjoy like reading and twerking. If you’ve decided to clean or reorganize your entire house, feel free to make parody style MTV crib tours for your followers on social media. Join an online fitness group or a free class if you miss heading to the gym. Although bars and restaurants are closed, Facetime happy hour can commence way before five o’clock. Host a virtual Paint and Sip. Local DJs have begun streaming live club nights right from their living rooms. If you want to “Netflix & Chill” try out a viewing party using the Google Chrome extension Netflix Party and watch with others. Share your favorite quarantine playlists, recommendations, memes, podcasts, books, hoe shit, etc. A little entertainment goes a long way during a public health crisis. Look out for yourself, your health and your community.


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