10 Reasons Why Megan Thee Stallion is the Baddest B***

1. She did THAT.

Megan Thee Stallion Thottie™ Brand

2. She’s THE H-TOWN HOTTIE and never fails to remind us of her royal status.


3. One time she met a girl named Megan and poured Henny in her mouth - #historical #lifechanging #iconic #truesisterhood

You should view the full video with audio

4. She supports other women rappers - and we love it <3 

Maliibu Miitch🌴 + Megan Thee Stallion ✨


5. She advocates for physical fitness because health is wealth yall 🍑🥂🍑


6. She has an iconic look. Halter bikini tops are a vital part of her wardrobe and we think she needs to release a line so we can all rock Thee Stallion look 🙏🏾


7. She’s STRONG AF - She doesn't miss a beat and never lets anything knock her off her grind 💪🏾

We'll also leave this here 

8. She always does whatever the H*** she wants and we love it 💯 - including always pouring shots


9. She’s a college girl and never lets us forget that she’s doing double time and her professors know she’s the H-TOWN Hottie


10. She rocks a cowboy hat - Black Girls in Cowboy Hats is very much a thing. Southern Black Girls in Cowboy Hats is also a thing 🏇🏾🏇🏾🏇🏾🏇🏾




At the end of the day Megan Thee Stallion is an OG Thottie and we’re here for it. So here’s to putting plans and dreams into action because Megan is a true Hustler 🙌🏾

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